VIVID. germany is back

After our affords in 2020 were cancelled due to the pandemic, we are finally able to bring you this new and exciting collaboration between 
VIVID. a post-rock festival and JUKZ Rhauderfehn called VIVID. Germany
VIVID. Germany is striving to become an annual Post-Rock / Post-Metal event held in northern Germany.

Our goal is to showcase the post-rock genre to a new audience and to build a platform for artists, musicians and our audience to engage in an vivid exchange and to strengthen the post-rock community.

This years edition is showcasing some very special artists that bring a broad spectrum of different performances to our venue.
We are grateful to be able to bring such a special event to our small hometown with the help of our friends in Norway and the awesome end engaged community surrounding the post-rock genre.

It Was A Good Dream

It Was A Good Dream is a Boston-based instrumental/post-rock band that began in early 2018. The project began as a compositional exercise for longtime friends and collaborators Chris Anthony and Alex Glover, and quickly grew into something larger than either anticipated.

Combining an experimental heart with a penchant for melody, the duo uses boundary-pushing studio technique and unconventional live looping to bring their dream-like vision to life. The result is a cinematic sound that’s as thrilling as it is moody – a devastating take on heavy-hitting rock music interwoven with futuristic melodic ambience. The mood-altering music was perhaps put into words best by Everything Is Noise writer Vidur Paliwal. “Rarely does it occur, that an album can transpose me into a certain atmosphere,” he says, “irrespective of the state of mind I had when I started listening to the album.”


SOONAGO is a four-piece instrumental post-rock/metal band from Bielefeld, Germany. After forming in 2014, the band has gained notoriety in the scene. The only thing that is silent on stage with SOONAGO is the voice. Everything else creates a force of nature that involuntarily captivates the listeners. SOONAGO’s musical style is characterized by a mixture of hard guitar riffs and melodic soundscapes. SOONAGO deliberately works without vocals acting as the main instrument. The songs, which mostly consist of drums, bass and guitars, invite the listeners on their own individual journey.


BRUECKEN is an Oldenburg based band from northern germany, playing atmoshperic, but energetic instrumental music. On their sophomore record BRUECKEN offer a multi-faceted sound ranging from exploding walls of heavy guitars to calm and thoughtful moments of fragile beauty.

With care and thought BRUECKEN create their own distinc sound, that speaks without using vocals and directs the listeners attention to the skillfully crafted sonic details. With a multitude of inspirations from all genres of atmospheric and heavy (guitar-)music the band forms an unorthodox but fluent version of instrumental music, that challenges the genre defining borders of Post-Rock.

Heimlich Manøver

The HEIMLICH MANØVER is a side project by Jan Reno Haneborger and Berd Frikke. It all started during the long and lonely winter 2020/21. Both are playing togehter in the instrumental rock band MMTH from Ostfriesland/Oldenburg for several years. To be honest the HEIMLICH MANØVER was initially about occupational therapy; about having at least a bit of creative exchange. For some time now, both have had a certain preference for even more reduced, almost minimalistic sounds. And so interludes and songs were created over a few months, which often resulted in dystopian soundscapes.

Floating, sometimes droning guitars, repetitive bass tones and isolated beat fragments combine to form soundtrack-like pieces, which are only occasionally completed with the use of a voice.