VIVID. germany

The german branch of “VIVID. a post-rock festival” is brought to you by JUKZ Rhauderfehn.

VIVID. Germany is striving to become an annual Post-Rock / Post-Metal event held in northern Germany.

Our goal is to showcase the post-rock genre to a new audience and to build a platform for artists, musicians and our audience to engage in an vivid exchange and to strengthen the post-rock community.

This years edition is showcasing some very special artists that bring a broad spectrum of different performances to our venue.
We are grateful to be able to bring such a special event to our small hometown with the help of our friends in Norway and the awesome end engaged community surrounding the post-rock genre.

Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet

Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet is an instrumental post-rock and post-metal band from Sweden. The independent quartet is made famous for mixing darker and heavier themes with gentleness and fragility – both attacking and caressing the senses at the same time, capturing the elements uniquely and successfully. Each album tells an intense and intimate story from beginning to end, leaving room for the listener’s personal interpretation and also conveying the intention of the band’s somewhat long and obscure name, which translates into “Tales that lead to the end”. The songs are composed and influenced by a wide variety of genres and instrumentations, constantly pushing the limits of contemporary post-rock and post-metal and can surprise even the most experienced ears through the musical narration. This music is made for getting lost and found again.


For those post-rock enthusiasts who find themselves concerned about heading down paths characterized by reserved rhythmic tendencies or a lack of dynamic flourishes, rejoice in your discovery of jeffk, the heroes you’ve been waiting for.

Where Mermaids Drown

Beautiful confrontations of haunting melodies and ethereal atmospheres. Thanks to striking crescendos, these evolve towards the purest vigour, allowing the riffs to bravely take the floor! More than dreamlike, this clever mix borders on a fully assumed romanticism.


Wander is an all Filipino-American instrumental post-rock band based in San Francisco Bay Area. Formed by brothers Ryan and Christian Francisco, Joseph Aguda, and Bernard Barcela, Their style flows seamlessly from serene to bombastic, from quiet contemplative stillness to angry, cathartic blasts of reverb-drenched, distortion-filled bliss.


Kinder is a Peruvian band that blends math-rock, post-rock, and noise to get their own unique sound. They have been making music since 2004 and have three edited studio albums: Kinder (2010), Archipiélago (2012) y Migraciones (2016), and two singles: Su Ausencia and Sus Ojos. The band is currently preparing the new album, which will be presented this year on a European tour that includes the Dunk Festival in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Kinder was the opening act for The Cure in Lima and have played along with bands like Battles, POND, The Radio Dept. They have also played festivals such as Lima Vive Rock (Peru), LeRockFest (Chile) with Tortugánonima, Sistemas Inestables, Forever Alone Fest (Mexico) with LITE, and Culture Collide (USA). This allowed them to tour Chile, Mexico, and the US (San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles).